Post Date: 8/28/98

By Amy Edeson

Dr. Stephen Bairdís Hallelujah! Evolution! is a CD comprised of simple tunes
with not so simple messages.†

Many songs are accompanied by some pretty basic strumming on an acoustic
guitar. Others tunes are redone, reworded versions of previous recordings.
Bairdís songs are somewhat contradictory. As he plays songs with the musical
complexity of Mary Had a Little Lamb, he packs them full of no-holds-barred

Baird champions evolution, medicine, statistics, and many other scientifically
sound principles. At the same time, he challenges a variety of religious

However, if Jewish ideology is how youíve formed your beliefs, donít think
Bairdís CD will be that wounding.†

He devotes two songs to bashing Jimmy Swaggart and Jerry Fallwell. I donít
think any Jews will lose sleep over that - after all, these Sunday morning TV
preachers seem to think weíre all going to hell. Then thereís Bairdís call for
antibiotics over prayer. I canít see many Jews having a dispute with that
either. While a tenet of the Christian Scientist sect is that faith and prayer
pave the road to good health, I donít think thereís a Jewish mother out there
that would turn down a spoonful of penicillin for their ailing youngster. They
may force feed their children endless bowls of chicken soup, but not without a
side of medicine.

Many of Bairdís songs champion his beliefs in research and science. Okay, I
think we Jews can go along with that also. Weíre a progressive group, for the
most part. How can we condemn science?†† Some of our most successful†
brethren include scientific types like Albert Einstein, Jonas Salk, and J. Robert†

Sexual promiscuity is also attacked. Hey, you get no argument from the Jews,
Dr. Baird; weíre with you on that one too. In ďSafe Sex Waltz,Ē Baird sings
ďIíd rather eat chocolate than have sex with you.Ē† May seem a bit severe, but
when you hear him discuss the oh-so-charming symptoms of various STDís in
ďThatís Amore,Ē you just might grab for a Hershey bar yourself.

So whatís so offensive about Bairdís CD, you may now be asking yourself. Well,
from a Jewish standpoint,it depends on how attached you are to that whole
Garden of Eden story. Do you staunchly believe that God created the world in
seven days? If your answer is yes, then this is not your type of comedy. Baird
champions both the Big Bang theory and Evolution. He makes it no secret that
Genesis is not his favorite book of the Old Testament. So if you think your
ancestors are Adam and Eve and not Tarzanís good friend Cheetah, then this CD
is not for you.

If youíre looking for a musical masterpiece, then this is not the CD for you
either. Baird is no Gershwin, his music is intended to inspire a few chuckles,
not standing ovations.

Well, if nothingís offended you so far, then you may be one of those Jews who
would enjoy Bairdís CD. After all, if weíre all going to hell, like Jimmy
Swaggart and Jerry Fallwell say we are, then we might as well get in a few
laughs first.†

To obtain Dr. Bairdís ďHallelujah Evolution,Ē call (800) 486-2676, or look up
the PSB Recordsí Web site at
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