Post Date: 01/28/2002

Darwin's Birthday - Dr. Stephen Baird Returns!!!

Back by popular demand Dr. Baird returns with a new collection of Scientific Gospel tunes. On his newest CD he is backed by the Opossums of Truth: Daniel Baird, Ron Jackson and friends who were until now unidicted co-conspirators in the Scientific Gospel movement. Dr. Baird's first CD Hallelujah! Evolution, produced by PSB Records, attracted international attention and our NCRT audiences packed the theater last year when he first appeared on the NCRT stage. Shortly after the CD was released in 1999, Hallelujah! Evolution had risen to number 81,351 on the charts. For those unfamiliar with Scientific Gospel, it is a slowly emerging product of modernity. Traditional Gospel arose over the years as people asked each other, "Where do we come from and what does it all mean?" Stories and songs emerged over the years in every culture to explain creation, life, death, the seasons, in short, everything. In the first few hundred years science emerged as investigators stopped asking society's storytellers about nature and started asking nature herself through experiments. Dr. Baird follows in the tradition of social and political satirists such as Tom Lehrer, Mort Sahl, Mark Russell, and the Smother's Brothers. Nothing is sacred to Dr. Baird, his satirizations explore the issues of science vs. religion, creation, evolution, Jerry Falwell's love of money, Jimmy Swaggert's sexual preferences, and the pitfalls of the health awareness phenomena. Dr. Stephen Baird and the Opossums of Truth will perform for one night only on Darwin's Birthday, February 12, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $15.00. This evening of fun was a sell-out last so get your tickets today!
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