Post Date: 06/4/2004

Breakin' The Rules CD Release

While in the studio recording the new CD, our recording engineer, Peter Sprague, said, “Hey, wait a minute! You’re breakin’ all the rules!” Hence the title of the fourth CD by Dr. Stephen Baird and The Opossums of Truth. Having recorded two other Scientific Gospel albums, Sprague knew that our roots musical genre was all about scientific lyrics put to gospel/bluegrass/country tunes. The chord progressions were simple, the lyrics funny or biting satire, and the themes were in praise of science and rational thought. This new CD shows the Opossums in a new light and reflects the versatility of Baird’s composing and lyrical styles as well as the band’s instrumental talents. Steve Baird broke lots of Scientific Gospel rules by venturing into a more humanistic and spiritual realm with his lyrics and a higher level of complexity with his compositions.

Many songs on this album are also about breaking the rules: songs about terrorists who broke the rules by exploding a plane over Lockerbie, Scotland and flying planes into the Twin Towers; a criminal breaking the law and the law breaking the rules; the U.S. government breaking treaties with the American Indians; a broken heart breaking the rules for dieting; pine trees who break with traditional views about the age of the earth; a young man who beat the odds when facing a giant; Jews breaking the laws of kashrut (keeping kosher); and lastly, a memorial to the greatest government-sanctioned genocide in history.

Yes, Dr. Baird has allowed his muse to ponder more socially and morally important issues through his ballads. However, no Scientific Gospel album would be complete without the standard fare - comical songs about science and songs of the absurd and irrationality. You will travel through the ages of humankind and experience many musical genres from folk, gospel, blues, jazz and klezmer. Your emotions will take a roller coaster ride as you listen to songs of sadness, silliness and sensibility.

“Breakin’ The Rules” will be released at a concert on July 31, 2004 at 8:00 p.m. at the David and Dorothea Garfield Theater at the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, 4126 Executive Drive, La Jolla. For more information call: Carol Baird at (858) 481-0765 or email to: For best seats, reserve tickets starting June 28th, at the JCC Box Office (858) 3562-1348
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