Post Date: 09/3/2002

We're back after the summer vacation

Inspired by the drive from California to Colorado and back this summer, Steve continued to write new songs about science, religion and politics. We had a wonderful visit with the kind folks from in Colorado Springs, and are very grateful to Gary and Becky for their hospitality and promotion of our CD's. Two thirds of the Opossums of Truth (Steve and our son, Daniel) played in the bar during the cocktail hour at the annual scientific conference banquet in Keystone, CO - they even made several dollars thrown into their open guitar case! Many working breakfasts at Herschel's delicatessen have enabled us to formulate more ideas for Steve's play about God's interview with a recently departed astrophysicist, his wife, an Evangelist, and finally a visitor who defines the meaning of the Grand Overall Design. So, it may have been summer vacation but we were still working.

We are now preparing to celebrate, in song, the arrival of the Winter Solstice, and rehearse before going back into the studio March 2003 to produce a new CD.

Other than the daily pronouncements of the Bush Administration, which are beyond satire, there has not been too much funny in the world. Perhaps when the Supreme Court reconvenes in October, we will find a few things to laugh about, or else we'll have to wait until the 2004 pre-election hoopla. Hopefully, we will be able to get into the studio again in the Fall of 2003 to make a political satire CD that will only deviate slightly from the scientific gospel theme because the songs will still be about choosing data-based decisions over irrationality and about fighting militant ignorance by the same small minds that said the earth was flat. We still hope to apply the methods of science when making political decisions that affect us all - using evidence instead of blind faith, avoiding Conservative thinking that discourages advancement in mankind's knowledge of a world we inherited from ancestors who tested hypotheses to accrete answers. We are thinking animals - at least some of us are.

Baruch Spinoza said, "I have made a ceaseless effort not to ridicule, not to bewail, not to scorn human actions, but to understand them,” and we always try to understand human actions, but feel more closely attune to this quote from Molière: “If the function of comedy is to correct men’s vices, I do not see why any should be exempt….We have seen that the theater is admirably suited to provide correction. The most forceful lines of a serious moral statement are usually less powerful than those of satire; and nothing will reform most men better than the depiction of their faults. It is a vigorous blow to vices to expose them to public laughter.” To this end, Dr. Stephen Baird and The Opossums of Truth will continue to fight the darkness of irrationality and militant ignorance with their biting satire and humor in a style most reminiscent of American roots music.
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